Quality Service

We'll work closely with you and help find all the subcontractors including an architect or a design artist. This is where we can provide a Design/Build service tailored especially for your project. Reliability is our commitment to a client's satisfaction throughout every phase of the project. We keep in contact with our clients to ensure they have a complete understanding of the building AND bidding process. This minimizes the changed orders, miscommunication, and delays. Communication via email and photos send out to our clients weekly.


If you're planning on constructing a new home, adding on to your existing home, or making a remodeling improvement, it's important to start with a budget. Having a good idea of the project cost, BEFORE your plans are drawn or approved is essential to a successful job. That's exactly what Evergreen Construction, Inc. can help you accomplish from start to finish. We strive to achieve the functionality while maintaining your budget!

Guide to Bids/Quotes

This is one of the more frustrating and time-consuming aspects of your project!  A bid is a price that should include all aspects of the job and gives you a final cost for the project. This can take weeks to obtain. A quote is a range or ballpark cost that can be given the same day or within a week’s time. (A quote should be within 10-15% of the final cost.) Most plans are not detailed enough to provide all the information needed by us for a bid. So start by getting a quote from us.

If you want a bid, we suggest you give us a list of bidding instructions; 

  1. What to include and what not to include in the bid. 
  2. The date you prefer to receive the bid by. 
  3. How you would like to have the bid itemized. For example: Do you want a bottom line price or a line-itemed pricelist. If you set guidelines for us to follow, it will make it easier for you to compare the bids/quotes and evaluate them.

Design and Build

The average time this can take is 15 to 20 hours. The planning is well worth the investment to better insure your project's cost and save money. The cost for any designing is separate and not included. Experience has shown that projects including a contractor at the beginning stages insure more trust, mutual understanding, more control of decisions, and realistic budgets determined beforehand!

One of the most disheartening aspects of this industry is telling a homeowner their building plans far exceeds their budget. The reason is, very few homeowners talk to building contractors before they talk with an architect. Few architects have an up-to-date knowledge of current costs. Prices change constantly due to many different factors (gas, materials, insurance, wages, etc.) and it's difficult to stay up with costs unless you are estimating projects on a regular basis. 

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